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August has been an intense month full of surprises, ups, and name it. September will still carry the cosmic energy of these 2 major eclipses that shook up our grounds. Be open for change . Read more to find out how this change will affect your sign. 


September, the month for you to focus on health, body goals and work, work, work. It will get pretty sweaty since warrior planet Mars your ruler won’t tire and even manipulate you to overwork yourself. Make sure to take a break once in a while. Sexy time starts in your head this month. Mercury in your 5th house of fun creativity and romance is firing up your mind and is finally direct. If in a relationship, you will want to chat and exchange new ideas with your partner. With the spiritual Pisces full moon on the 6th in your 12th house of the unconscious, issues from deep within might resurface. Be open to whatever comes your way. It could also be that maybe a work project reaches culmination now. Keep a positive mind. Thanks to the new moon in Virgo falling into your health sector on the 20th, you will have full lunar support to reboot from any of this summer’s celebrations. This lunar placement is the best for your overall health! You’re sure to get a refreshing lunar boost. You might be receiving excellent career news. Basically, lots of positive vibes from people at work are coming your way. With the new moon lunar energy, you might get into a crazy new routine. By the 9th Mercury will have also have moved into your 6th house of health and routine helping you to kick start a new successful health or fitness plan. On the 22nd the Sun is moving into Libra, your opposite sign illuminating partnerships, enjoy that last dose of extra luck from Jupiter as this wonderful planet will be moving out of that sector in October only to come back in 12 years. Jupiter the planet of expansion, currently in your relationship sector will be opposing Uranus the rebel planet which is still in your sign on the 28th. This energy can be difficult to handle but on the upside, you can now truly be yourself especially in your love relationships. Powerful Pluto will finally turn direct in Capricorn, your 10th house of career on the 28th. The Retrograde phase, which started in April, might have brought initial setbacks. You rethought, analyzed your life and were able to dive deeper. You found out who you can really trust in your field. Somebody you never thought of might have been blocking your career path and trying to extinguish your fire. Reflect on the negativity that has made you doubt yourself. Now that Pluto is turning direct you are more confident than ever. Never give up.



Creative enterprises will bloom and you will have the stamina to work hard day and nights. On the 5th, Mars enters your 5th house of romantic encounters and creativity. The fire inside you will be burning baby; the same goes for your love life. There are steamy nights ahead… the lucky person you’ll choose to spend those nights with should be prepared for that fiery marathon. When Mercury finally turns direct in your 4th house of home on the 5th, people might randomly stop by your house and exchange ideas as you are such a fine conversationalist right now. A few days later Mercury will have moved into your 5th house of fun romance and games. What an exciting month for you dear Taurus! The Pisces full moon on the 6th links you up with team players. It is vital for you to surround yourself with like-minded people this September. 19th and 20th are one of those days when a kiss can say it all. With the potent New Moon in your 5th house of true love and pleasure, you might meet somebody very special. What are you waiting for? Make sure you leave your house and are out and about exploring. It’s likely that this could be your most exciting month ever. All signs point to you having a wonderful time plus Venus the planet of love and your planetary ruler will align with the new moon making it extra special and romantic. What a passionate season for sexy bulls. With so much love in your stars and the magical fire in your eyes, an intense attraction might heat up… and fast. Your mojo is off the hook. On the 28th it could get a little intense. Do not overindulge in drugs or drinks. Expansive Jupiter will be opposing Uranus in your unconscious house. Uranus is the planet of surprises. A spicy secret could come to the surface and you would want to control who knows about it. On the same day, after six months of retrograde, metamorphic Pluto will finally turn direct in your 9th house of beliefs and foreign travel. You have been re-evaluating religion and spirituality on a very deep level. You might have cleansed your soul through alternative beliefs. Remember: Transform = Reborn. Your search for inner truth and peace was vital and now you are ready to consciously live by your new beliefs.


There will be a cluster of planets in Mercury Sister Virgo your 4th house of home and family. You will want to focus your energy on maybe rearranging your home. On the 5th impulsive Mars will join. Try to watch conflict at home. You might be criticizing everyone around you. Little arguments might blow up more than usual. Try to use your energy to maybe renovate your crib, paint your walls or rearrange your living room. Good news: Mercury your ruling planet, finally turns direct on the 5th in your communicative sector! Messenger planet Mercury is in its natural base in the 3rd house of communication. Whatever conversations you plan on having, they are going to run ultra smooth. Plus, so many original ideas will pop into your head now. Are you thinking about taking a short trip? In general, it’s a favorable time now to learn a new skill or study. By the 9th your focus will shift back into your four walls. With the magic of the watery Pisces full moon on the 6th, in your 10th house of career, you are reaching new heights of success. Take care of your reputation and be clever and fair about the steps you decide to take. On the 14th you will resolve whatever conflict was built up at home all thanks to peacemaker Venus. Aww, our so sweet Gemini. The 20th will be all about your mother. The 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the mother archetype, so cherish the time you spend with her. If you live far away from your family, make sure to call them on the phone or maybe send a bouquet to thank your mom for bringing you into this world. Use the lunar energy to chillax and tune into your home frequency — you need it. Nurture yourself. Oon the 22ndThe bright sun will be moving into romantic Libra, your 5th house of true love romance and creativity. Life will turn sweet and lovely and SEXY. On the 28th a friend could confess they are in love with you out of the blue, or vice versa. The same day fearless Pluto will be turning its steamy ride into direct motion through your 8thhouse of deep sexuality and intimacy. The past six months you might have gotten more in touch with your heart’s true desire and subconscious. It can get really dark when transformative Pluto carves his ways through that intimate area of your chart. Remember, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.


Use the marvelous Virgo new moon on the 20th to start a new blog or page. It’s a prime time to publish. With 3 planets lighting up your 3rd house of communication, you are more likely to meet somebody online. Happy swiping!
With intelligent Mercury finally turning direct and moving into your 2nd house of finances on the 5th, money will be on your mind, therefore, you could be thinking of new strategies to improve your income! On the 9th, Mercury slides into your 3rd house of communication turning you into the master communicator (manipulator). The emotional Pisces full moon in your 9th house of spirituality will illuminate you on the 6th. You were testing your personal beliefs for the past six months and are now reaching that Zen moment. Spiritual epiphany, anybody? There is a magical lunar energy on its way to help you press restart due to the new moon in Virgo on the 20th. With a bunch of planets in your 3rd house of communication, you might find yourself receiving or sending out text messages in the late hours of the night. Take it easy on the liquor. Do make sure to leave the house though! You could be meeting a sweetie who lives directly in your hood. From the 22nd on you will be getting a whole lot of love at home and from your family thanks to the sun and lucky Jupiter in your 4th house of home. How sweet! Should you change your career? Should you move apartment? So many questions, so little time. Expansive Jupiter in your 4th house of home will be opposing rebellious Uranus in your 10th house of career and reputation on the 28th. Uranus is the planet of surprises so anything can happen now. Remember, the stars are shaking up your grounds so you are able to live, work and experience the best life meant for you. Do not scare away from change. Explore your options. Birth, death, rebirth — Pluto will be turning direct in your 7th house of relationships on the 28th, which means you might meet dark powerful personalities now, who will transform your inner core. Lessons about kinship are awaiting you. Are you getting the most out of your romantic relationships? This person who could come into your life anytime, now, is going to completely scour and destroy your previous notions of what it takes to partner. On the flip side, it can also spell the end of relationships.



August has been the most intense month of 2017. September will still carry on the energy of last month’s eclipses. Expect the unexpected, if you haven't yet. On the 5th Mercury turns direct in your sign, that is why your mind will be so active and wanting to communicate. Later in the week, Mercury will be moving into your money sector helping you to come up with new ideas to improve your income. Feisty Mars enters your 2nd house of finances on the 5th, so please take care not to max out your credit card before. For the mysterious Pisces full moon on the 6th, I suggest you arrange a sexual ritual with your lover. I promise you there is no better, sexier Moon, than the highly emotional Pisces full moon that sheds light on our most hidden golden treasures. If you really have been spending a lot of money lately, perhaps indulging in a little too much, lucky for you there is a new Moon on the 20th, which falls into your financial house. Remember no pain, no gain. If there is a project, you want to publish the from the 22nd on would be a great time to do so thanks to lucky Jupiter and the bright sun illuminating your 3rd house of communication and media. Expansive Jupiter will be opposing rebellious Uranus on the 28th. Short- or long distance travel? It is hard for you to decide. Local vs. the world? Uranus is the planet of surprises, anything can happen. You could be traveling somewhere last minute. There is really a whole lot of focus on your current beliefs and higher mind. You feel like you should relocate or travel for career purposes. Ruthless Pluto will be turning direct in your 6th house of order, bringing you a needed period of reflection in work habits and your health. Pluto is kind of intense. You might encounter some harshness in your daily work. Your “colleagues” might not be very supportive. You might have been sitting back and since Pluto has been retrograde you weren’t really able to say anything. Mars will make you more aggressive, so watch out what you say. Keep in mind, that these outcomes often work in your favor as they push you to make those needed changes, to become the king of the jungle. Some patterns and attitudes will change. Be aware and positive.


Super busy, super energized and super sexy. Virgo. Mars moves into YOUR sign and will stay until next month. On the same day, your ruler devilish Mercury finally turns direct. You won’t even need to drink coffee, that is how much energy you will have. Mercury is back and direct, in your 12th house of the unconscious. If there are troubles that have re-emerged from your past, during retrograde, now would be a good time to deal with them. Yoga or Tai chi could be very healing. Mercury has been stirring up all kinds of unconscious battles you thought you had already dealt with. Mercury moves back into your personal sign on the 9th. You’ll be more talkative and many brilliant ideas will pop up in your fabulous mind. A Pisces full moon on the 6th lights up your relationship house. You either will end things for good or you are going to take one step further with your sweetie, by making your bond official. It’s going to be a super special month for you, birthday babe! Not only the Sun, Mars, and Mercury will be in your sign but charming Venus as well plus a powerful new moon on the 20th. You will have such a refreshingly pure energy. People will be so attracted to you. Your light beam of charisma will be on high power. By the end of the month, it could get a little tense as the topic will be: money, sex & transformation. Your money vs. somebody else’s money, what is of more value to you? Is it time for you to cut that financial cord? You might be still receiving money from a family member. Get out of your comfort zone! Pluto the lord of darkness is turning direct in your 5th house of romance and creativity on the 28th. Ex lovers could come back into your life now. With Pluto in the mix, drama is emphasized and an initially not so serious one-night stand might change your life. You are going to be attracting Scorpionic types who are trying to teach you some kind of lesson. Pluto will make you very mysterious and attractive. Don’t forget that the plutonic potency is active on both sides. You as well will be able to easily lure lovers into your sexy world. Hehe.


Happy birthday beautiful! On the 22nd the shimmering bright sun enters your sign plus Jupiter giver of gifts and luck will make this the best birthday of all times. Expect a bunch of prezzies! You will feel so loved but that is no surprise to you since you totally rock. September 5th warrior planet Mars will move into your 12th house of the unconscious. A lot of passive aggressive energy could be stirred up, like a little tornado inside of you. The thing is, you won’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets you mostly even hide from yourself. I suggest you do some Tai chi instead of Yoga. Get that inner warrior out. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Open your heart chakra and let your energy flow. On the same day, Mercury finally turns direct in Leo, your 11th house of friends and dreams. Link up with team players who are on the same level as you and turn your dreams into reality. By the 9th, Mercury will be moving into your 12th house (Venus will join later) stirring up your unconscious, yet again. Listen to your most intimate thoughts while meditating. The emotional Pisces Full Moon on the 6th, which takes place in your orderly 6th house, will bring you back to basics regarding health and routine. Once the new Moon hits your 12th house of the unconscious on the 20th you will feel like chillaxing at home or even in nature. It’s an excellent time to meditate. Open your inner cosmos and trust the positive vibes you’ll get. Laziness might overtake you, so don’t let it! Maybe watching some movies can be the most productive activity for you that day. 2 days later Libra season begins. There is no other month this year that lets you introspect as much of your energy on your relationships and other people as the month September does. You will have to ask yourself many questions. Do you spend more ‘you’ time or more time with your partner? On the 28th transformative Pluto turns direct in your 4th house of home and family and prompts you to reflect inwards, sometimes triggering to change the direction of your life in radical ways. When in the 4th house of home, anything, be it a move or career change could happen. Don’t try to resist change, it’s just going to hurt you. Family and career wise, forceful Pluto is trying to break you up, so you can transform into the best version of yourself and land on the path that is supposed to give you the most magical life.


Started from the bottom, now you’re here. When Mars your co-ruler enters your 11th house of collaborations and tech on the 5th you should team up with like minded individuals. You will have the energy and drive to launch your new inventions, especially since trickster planet Mercury, currently moving through your career sector, finally turns direct. This will help you to change your reputation for the better. The passionate Pisces full moon on the 6th will highlight your 5th house of pleasure and soul mates. Try to release that build up pressure. The watery lunar force is going to help you erupt like a volcano. Use your sensual, raw energy between the sheets to get loose and intense. It will be a hot, hot night. With Winning Venus, Mercury and a powerful new Moon in your 11th house, you should definitely go out! You could be meeting a bunch of new people and make a ton of new friends. Loosen up and try to approach people. You can never make too many friends. September will be so much fun. Just watch out for your health, as your unconscious and your health may be at odds. You are an extreme sign and might have overindulged. Still, what an interesting period for you. Your ruler, turbulent Pluto, is going to turn direct on the 28th in your 3rd house of communication. You hate superficiality and basically, with all this backward plutonic activity in that sector, you might have researched obsessively online or through reading newspapers and books. As a result, you may now uncover new secrets and ways to gain more power. 


Mercury has finally turned direct in your divine 9th house of foreign culture and ageless wisdom. Exotic thoughts and mindsets will get you ready to dive into alternative forms of spirituality. I am so excited for you. Access your Kundalini energy! Expand your knowledge in sexuality! This sensational planetary energy also helps you realize your dreams and manifest unlimited abundance. With the watery full moon in Pisces, on the 6th, your attention will be at home. Try to have a nice, home-cooked meal with your beloved family or close friends. By the 9th, Mercury is upgrading into Virgo, your career sector, mentally preparing you for the most successful time, yet. With the interesting meet up of planets in your reputation sector, you’ll want to show everybody who you are and how proud you are of yourself! Sagittarians will have all the power to control their reputation. It is an amazing month for any kind of career move you feel like taking, you fierce and sexy creature. Your ruler, grand Jupiter will be opposing rebellious Uranus. You will have to take an important decision. Friends or lovers? You don’t feel like restricting your freedom in any kind of way, but you do like to have a partner in crime. You will feel a lot of pressure. Make your move or let it go. Driven Pluto moves direct in your financial house the 28th. Now is the time to sort out the finances. During Retrograde, which has been going on for 6 months you had some time to reevaluate your feelings about finances and possessions.


Enjoy those last steamy intimate nights before red hot Mars moves on into your 9th house on the 5th. From then on you will be focusing your energies more on traveling, higher education, and spirituality. If you had stress with taxes or any expenses, this now shall pass, too. OMG, Mercury finally turns direct the same day. If coupled, you could celebrate or re-define your unfading love. Master communicator Mercury in your 8th house of deep sexuality will give you intuitiveness. A few days later, Mercury slides into your exotic 9th house sizzling up your mind with different kind of sexy ideas. This is a highly sensual time and you are going to be able to please your partner, inside and outside the bedroom. With the intense Pisces full moon on the 6th in your communication house, you could post a viral photo or publish some of your work, which you could receive love and praise for. People could get really moved by you and your art. Show the world how talented you are. With an abundant mix of planets in your spiritual sector you should forget about the types you usually go for, because this month can turn your attractions completely around. Your exotic 9th house is booming, plus there is a potent new moon on the 20th! How about a last minute trip to a foreign land? With all these exotic planetary transits, you could be absorbing a whole new culture. Mega career & reputation. The Sun, center of the solar system and Jupiter, the luckiest planet of all will be in your 10th house of career and honors at the same time from the 22nd of September until October 10th. Some astrologers also say that when Jupiter transits through your 10th house it could be very likely that you end up married in that year. Unpredictable Uranus will be shaking up your ground a little this month. There may be some surprises at home and with your family. You could also suddenly move house. A job opportunity might force you to relocate. Uranus is the planet of surprises. Even though Uranus can shock us sometimes, we have to look at the bigger picture and look forward to change. On the 28th, when magnetic Pluto, the transformer, goes direct in your first house of self, it is an excellent time to transform. Remember to stay true to yourself and you will reshape into the amazing soul that has been hiding in the dark. Sometimes it hurts to say goodbye to parts of ourselves. Good news: many people who experienced extreme Pluto in their first house, reported to suddenly have lost lots of weight. Pluto is going to stay in your first house for quite some time.


What a great month for love sex and affection. On the 5th carnal Mars will be entering your 8th house, also known as the Sex House. This is one of the hottest transits, I promise you. The 8th house also rules other people’s money, make sure to keep an eye on your economic picture while sexing it up. Try to release that built-up pressure from August, and use your sensual raw energy between the sheets to get loose. Mercury finally turns direct in Leo, your 7th house of others and will make you think more about we than I. You will get your best ideas when partnering up with your lover. A few days later Mercury will have moved into your 8th house of deep sexuality. Make sure to live out your spicy ideas. The watery Pisces full moon on the 6th is about balancing give and take and how you share money and resources. Try not to overspend this month. On the 11th seductive Venus enters Virgo your mysterious 8th house of deep intimacy and sexuality. Privacy is key. When a new Moon falls in the 8th house of money and debts, like the new moon in Virgo on the 20th, it is an excellent time to start saving up your very own money. Use the planetary mix in your 8th house to find deep communication through sex. Most of the action, for you, will be happening in the bedroom. Uranus your planetary ruler will bring a few shockers this month. Short- or long distance travel? Uranus is the planet of surprises, anything can happen. You will probably travel somewhere wonderful last minute. From the 28th it will be an excellent time to purge your soul. Transformative Pluto will turn direct in your 12th house of the unconscious. A lot of passive aggressive energy has been stirred up while Pluto was retrograde. The thing is, you didn’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets and Pluto, is the planet of our deepest most unconscious desires, you mostly even hide from yourself. Do any kind of meditation. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Try to encode the messages even if they scare you. In order to grow, we need to face the darkness and conquer our fears. If you’ve been feeling low, this is a good time to address the root of your problems.  


Is it time to partner up? The cosmos has chosen this month for you to focus on your other half! Your mind body and soul will be craving to find that partner in crime able to join you in any kind of adventure! Mars, Mercury, the hot Sun, and a potent new moon will be lingering in Virgo, your opposite sign, making it highly likely for you to meet somebody significant this September! Get out and about and don’t be shy. This is also a splendid time to form new personal or business relationships. Mars enters your house of other people on the 5th, which means you could be attracting very powerful people this month, some who might help you advance in your career. Mercury finally turns direct in your 6th house of routine and health, which will help you plan out your activities. Your schedule has been pretty damn full. It is just that, so many people need you, watch out though not to get sick since there is only so much energy you can give. Later on, Mercury will be moving into Virgo, assisting you to communicate better with your partner. The ultra-potent full moon on the 6th will be in your sign and is going to help you start a new chapter in your life. The new you will feel invincible and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Do welcome any kind of transformation even if it hurts at first. There is a beautiful new moon taking place in your 7th house of relationships and other people on the 20th. You might redefine a few aspects of what you think love is. Get vocal and show your appreciation, be it in the bedroom or somewhere else. It is still a spectacular time for you to meet all kinds of wonderful people and merge with them, thanks to blessed Jupiter touring through your 8th house of deep sexuality and intimacy. Finances have been up and down, but Uranus opposing Jupiter could bring you an unexpected surprise related to money, watch for the days surrounding the 28th. You could end up receiving an inheritance out of the blue. Keep your eyes and ears open. When spiritual Pluto goes direct in your 11th house of dreams and friends the 28th, your compassionate nature comes to play and you search for more knowledge in society. You philosophize about what tribes you belong to and what kind of friends are good or bad for you. You might make up with friends you have had issues with, or you might meet a new amigo, who will transform your belief and value system, sometimes through dark sh*t happening. It could also be that you might be feeling blocked by people who have control over you. It could be that daily dose of social media, that unconsciously drags you down. If all this is impacting you too much, maybe log off for a while. Go out into nature and experience real freedom.